New Year Resolutions…its on the brain at the moment.

Now let me set the record straight…I am not the hyper-holiday enthusiast by any means.  I don’t rush the holidays.  I simply take them as they come.  However, just the other day I had to whip out one of my winter coats (thanks, polar vortex) and when I stuck my hand in the pocket, I found my New Year Resolutions sheet from 2014!  So random, but not really.  I must have been carrying it around with me during the winter months so I can be constantly be reminded of my goals.  But I guess spring and summer rolled around and …whomp whomp.  All forgotten, hee hee.


So I took a deep breath and braced myself for all of the goals that were most likely not even close to being met with only 6 weeks to go, and you know what?   I didn’t do too bad after all!  I’d like to say I have met close to half of them and that’s better than nothing right?  I had 9 goals, the first four are the ones I reached:

1.  Learn to sew and take a few sewing classes.

Well, remember I took my first sewing class with Sew Time.  Since then I have made pillows, dinner napkins and even some pretty burp cloths.  I am only getting started and I have plans to make my next sewing class one that teaches how to read sewing prints.

2.  Write in blog 1x per month.  

Ha!!!  I think its safe to say I have achieved that goal.  Thanks to my partner in crime, Amanda, we have our baby Life To Table that makes it so easy and fun to share our favorite recipes, stories and adventures.

3.  Earn a side income.  

I am currently a coach for Rise, which is a company that allows the client to work with a dietitian or health coach on their health and wellness goals, particularly diet wise, while on the go.  Snap photos of your meals and log them onto the website or app.  As your coach, I will be able to give you daily, custom tailored nutrition counseling based on your goals to help you achieve them.

(interested?  Click on this link for a free one week trial with me!)

4.  Learn to meditate.

Although I started to meditate, I kind of fell off the wagon.  For me, personally, it’s hard, man!  Every little sound distracts me and my mind just looooovees to wander.  However that is just more confirmation for me that I really do need to set time aside to let my mind NOT wander and over think.  I need stillness so I can listen to my body  and be attuned to my environment.   yeah, definitely need to start meditating again.  I downloaded some meditation soundtracks guided by reiki healer Sara Brooke and they seem to work the best for me, rather than just listening to silence (or in my case, the neighbors dog barking, the leaky faucet and ‘shoot! I really need to make it to Whole Foods this week…I wonder if they have….’)

Some goals that could have used a little TLC…

5.  floss regularly.  Gah! I am so bad at flossing daily.  I’ve been better than I was like, 5 years ago, but still, I can afford to do it more often.

6. Print my favorite photographs and frame them/ put them in albums.  I think I am going to start scrapbooking to achieve this in 2015.

7.  See friends more often.  It is so easy to get in a rut and before you know it, time flies and its been weeks, sometimes months, before you’ve seen your favorite people.  I’ve learned that life will always be hectic and something will always be happening, so it is something that I really need to make a priority.  I’m getting there.

8.  Stretch/do yoga most days of the week for 5 minutes.  My pulled groin muscle due to this weekend’s raking leaves activity is evidence I did not follow through with this one. I’m still in pain.  Definitely need to stretch more often.

9.  Volunteer 4 x this year.  I donate clothes and food and I also give my free time to help out organizations, but I really wanted to physically be present and volunteer my time for those in need.  This goal is making it into the 2015 round.

I have decided that my new year resolutions will be presented differently for 2015.  Rather than write it all down on a piece of paper and then forget about it a few months later, I want to be reminded daily what it is I have to do to make myself a better person.  A beautiful vision board that I can see daily will allow me to be focused on my goals both consciously and subconsciously, day after day.  I’m surprised how much I accomplished this year with out a daily reminder of my goals.  Heck, I even forgot I made new year resolutions, haha!!  I’m so keen to see what I am capable of accomplishing with my daily reminder resolution vision board :)

What methods do you guys use to keep yourselves focused on your goals?

~ Michelle