Foods to decrease inflammation

Inflammation is a natural and normal process. In fact, we need inflammation to live. When foreign substances enter the body, white blood cells are released to help fight those substances. If we did not have this mechanism we would get seriously ill from any type of invader such as  plant pollen, cuts, splinters, brief infections, physical training etc. This is called acute inflammation; it lasts only a few days, only happens when there is a foreign invader in the body and your body has immediate symptoms.

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What you Missed this week

Hi All, Not only is it Friday, but it’s also October! I think many people would say that October is their favorite month. Its finally cooling down, warm beverages, colorful trees, pumpkin stuff and of course boots and scarves. Well its supposed to rain again all weekend, but this time it will probably be even more rain! I really like rain, but now that I have chickens I get so worried about them and their little legs.

As usual here is a re-cap of what you missed this week on Life To Table

  1. Do you suffer from digestion issues? Digestion can be improved by small simple changes. Try these 5 tips to improve digestion. Does not require any over the counter medication :-)
  2. Is it 5pm and you have NO idea what you are going to make for dinner? This spinach, tomato and mozzarella salad will be ready in less than 25 minutes!
  3. You probably know that often times salads (especially at restaurants) wind up being full of calories and fat, and sometimes just as many calories as the burger that you actually wanted! These 5 tips will help you dominate the salad bar to create a nutritious salad that you will feel good about eat.

If you did not see we are offering nutritional services! Our services include accountability coaching, phone consults, personalized grocery store trips and more! Check them out and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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Have a wonderful weekend!!

5 Best Tips To Dominate that salad bar

It’s no secret we love salads here at Life To Table. We even have a Best Salads Recipe e-book that you get for FREE for signing up to receive our newsletters every month! (Excuse the shameless plug. #sorrynotsorry)

Nothing depresses me more when I pass by a sad looking salad bar. However, even though it may not have luxurious ingredients like buffalo mozzarella cheese and tricolor quinoa, you will be surprised at the ability to make a very healthy and nourishing salad with basic options.


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