When I first read this quote, my eyes lit up and in my head I was thinking “Right?!! Thank you!”  Majority of fast food chains use ingredients that are cheap and processed, all to make a quick buck.  It’s just an injustice and disgrace, but unfortunately that is the way the cookie crumbles.

But the more I thought about this quote, the more I found myself disagreeing with it.  Does this quote then mean that healthy meals cannot be easy or cost less?  It almost felt unfair.  I thrive off of making healthy meals that are cost effective, quick and easy (who wants to spend hours in the kitchen on a school night?)  These last two weeks have been crazy busy for me and for 14 days I was pretty much living proof that meals can indeed be cheap, easy and delicious…and I’m not just talking about a bowl of cereal either ;)

Life To Table’s Green Eggs and Ham

(the green refers to the green leaves of spinach and basil I used)


On this particular night, I got home around 7:30pm and was ravenous.  I toasted up a slice of gluten free bread, meanwhile cooking an egg over easy on a pan.  I spread a generous amount of Blazin’ Tomato Chutney, topped it with organic mustard spinach, basil leaves, uncured nitrite free ham and an egg.  Despite my over bearing hunger, I took my time eating and enjoying all the delicious flavors.  In about 20 minutes, I washed just a few dishes and I was back on the computer to finish up some work.

It CAN be done, folks!  This is fast food at its healthiest!

P.S.  Can we talk about this crazy delicious Blazin’ Tomato Chutney I ordered through Farmigo?!


It has the perfect combination of sweet, spicy and tangy.  It’s made with all natural ingredients, as you can see in the picture.  Most ingredients are from local farms when possible.  So far I’ve added it to sandwiches, eggs, grilled steak and rice dishes.  It is the best way to flavor my meals with healthy, low calorie ingredients.  Oh my yum!