Plum and Walnut whole wheat pancakes

As soon as I poured the batter on a greased skillet I knew these were going to be delicious! Ever have those cooking moments that you know before you put the fork into your mouth? Something about the density of the batter and the way they started to cook all fluffy I knew they would be a winner.

I picked up some plums at the farmers market, and I wanted another way to use them besides just bitting into them for a snack. I am not a fan of bitting into plums because the juice always gets everywhere. They are way more messier than peaches. I absolutely love pancakes, and decided to cook them as part of my pancake meal. I was hoping the juiciness would get into the batter and they sure did!

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Cracker Barrel and Nutrition

OK so I got real beef with Crack Barrel. People LOVE this restaurant and you can eat breakfast, lunch or dinner here. Sure we all go out to each once in a while to an unhealthy restaurant, but I have MANY patients who eat here several times/week. Cracker barrel is known for their fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, chicken n’ dumplings and other popular southern items. It is quite well known that the southern cuisine is not the healthiest, but what makes it even worse is getting it served from a restaurant. Restaurants always add unnecessary amounts of oil, butter, heavy cream and definitely salt.

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